Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We ease along through busy days and so much seems to be the same.
Weeks can pass and months at last,
and then before you know,
a year was here and now it's gone, forever in the past.

So when a day pops up like this that shocks the mortal senses,
It stops the clock and shakes the cage, it rattles at the fences.
The gilded guards we place along, lined up each on the edges,
Maintain routinely garrisons of golden glib pretenses.
They line the way as if to say no shock, no bad shall enter.
Our days roll on through dusk, through dawn, our thoughts safe down the center.

So days like this, that Sasquatch bitch, that roars her wrath and loud,
She snatches life, she belches strife, dispels the comfort out.
And ferrets at the fair facade that modern life conceals:
The pretense of the creature that protects us from the real.

Let's grab a moment here before the quotient quickly fades,
a product of the clever trick Distraction likes to play.
That creature Comfort quells the mood and placates all the masses.
So easy to recline you see - fat upon our asses.
Comfort softly shields away the wak'ning of the senses
then slowly slips them back into their perfect pleasure tenses.
And life slides back, then joins the ranks of slack-jawed dopes of levity.
Thinking stops, talking non-stop, the soundbite rules in brevity.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Vintage Sharks

The Biodiversity Heritage Library works to make biodiversity-related literature freely available to the world. They've got thousands of image libraries to peruse, but one of the richest is their collection of shark illustrations, with more than 370 pages.

Personnally, I like this one best...

Photo above are CC-BY-2.0 licensed.

Henry Church A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

High Museum of Art, Atlanta

via Instagram

Friday, August 22, 2014

The End of Billboards (as we know them)

Wondering out loud here. Will we ever get to the point where highway billboards no longer used? Most of us (and by most of us, I mean me) think of a dystopian future where billboards are everywhere. Most movies about the future have us bombarded by billboards in every possible place. People have worried in the past about drowning out the countryside with billboards on top of billboards. And you can certainly see them all along the highway.

But what if they all went away?

Here's what I'm thinking. And I don't think it will be some concerted effort of environmentalists that will do it. I think, if it happens, businesses will voluntarily do it because it will make fiscal sense.

Almost everyone I know has some sort of smart phone now. The numbers just keep increasing. It won't be long before everyone has one and is locked in. Cars are even coming with screens built into them. If it is not here yet, soon the screen in your car, based on its location, will pop up ads for all the fast food places and coffee shops at the next exit. Businesses will be able to buy time, say 15 seconds, of display on your screen as you come into town. Click here to get more information. Click here to see the menu. Likewise the same information can pop-up on smart phones. The question then will become opt-out-ability. But, let's face it, you can't opt out of billboards right now. Whoever writes the app will give you just enough free stuff so that it is tolerable for you to allow the ads.

At some point, when the electronic apps are selling enough... getting enough eyeballs, billboards could become redundant. They could become an extra, unnecessary expense. At that point, they may begin to fall apart.

The good news is, we'll be able to see the trees again... if we can pull our noses out of our smartphones long enough to look.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bacon Milkshakes

It's time for bacon milkshakes at Five Guys. What will I mix it with? I'm thinking the first experiment should be straight bacon (with malted milk, of course).

Monday, August 18, 2014

Confederate Hellcat Speedster Reverse Tailpipe

I don't recall ever seeing a reverse tailpipe on a bike before. I am intrigued. Is this new? While the Feng Shui in my brain says the pipe should flow backwards I can't think why it must, since the exhaust is sideways. I wonder will this become a thing? Will we see more of it?


The quickness that does obviate the lonely mellow stasis.
Reflects upon the wording of the incarnated places.
The ebb and flow,
that to and fro
creates and then erases
the dreams and schemes
and sunlit beams
that hide among the faces.

Sunday, August 17, 2014