Sunday, July 8, 2007

Headed Home

As we headed out of Bluefield this morning I wondered whether I was tired already or tired still. I guess it was too early to be tired already so it had to be tired still... This is a picture of Grandma's kitten 'Cutie.' She is a rambunctious rascal and very entertaining when she's chewing on someone else... We visited Mom's grave yesterday afternoon and spent some time remembering her smile and sense of humor. Then last night we attended Nikki's (my niece) wedding (7/7/7). It was nice and quaint. She was married in the church my grandmother went to as a little girl. She was beautiful. The minister conducted the best wedding ceremony I've ever heard. As best I could tell everyone had a good time at the reception... That pretty much wraps up our July-o-poluza except for the drive home. We should be back at the housee tonight and back at work tomorrow. I may post a few more pictures once I get home and look at them.

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