Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rocky Day

Today started off cold, wet, and blustery with a dark feel to it. The weather was playing havoc between the wind and the rain. The best thing we could find to do was to watch the movie "Flushed Away" (probably one of the best movies of 2006 IMHO) on DVD. "Milicent Bystander" gets me every time. Then, after a short walk on the windswept beach, we decided to drive around the island. We explored the very remote Fort Clinch State Park. It looks like a great place for hiking & biking but we did neither. We did walk out the long, long fishing pier (from which today's picture was taken). We debated going to the Island Seven Theater to see that "Rat" movie (see how I cleverly avoid showing that I can't spell that French name?) but it appeared that the entire island had the same idea - so we skipped it. We finished out the weather-bitten day with a shimp boil and spirited games of Catchphrase. The day wound up on a sad note as I learned that my Aunt's significant other passed away this morning. I am truly sorry for her loss. The day ended much as it started though for different reasons.