Monday, July 23, 2007

Winston Churchill Gets the Boot

Looks like Winston Churchill, famous for his two-finger "victory" salute, got the one-finger salute from the British education system. Seems that Churchill, a legendary and key figure in the Allies victory in World War II, is to be pushed aside in favor of more classes on drug and alcohol abuse and global warming. I have to think that things are definitely warming up in England these days. Perhaps they've pulled him from the curriculum so that they won't have to answer student questions about the ever-increasing appeasement tactics the British Goverment is using. I don't know - if choice comes down to Churchill or Chamberlain, I've got to go with Churchill. Let's hope the Brits figure this out soon.

The Sun Online - News: Two-finger salute

PS - For you libs, just so you won't think it's a "red" thing, the Brits are yanking Martin Luther King, Jr. too.

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