Sunday, November 18, 2007

Football Ramblings

Some thoughts on football after a weekend of semi-attention. Some of these have been percolating in my noggin for a while and I'm just getting around to them.

  • I think the NFL should adopt some version of two rules from college football. 1) Stop the clock on a first down in the last two minutes of the game. Reward the team for making a first down and allow for more excitement at the end of the game. 2) Allow a replay official to review any play in the game that (s)he deems necessary.
  • I think college football should adopt some version of an NFL rule. 1) HAVE A PLAYOFF. I've listened to so many supposed experts claiming that college football is great without a playoff because "every game counts." What a lie. Tell that to the University of Hawaii Warriors. If they go undefeated, likely the only team in the nation, will all of their games have counted? Not. It's happened to big and small schools, get positioned wrong in the polls or come from the wrong conference and NONE of your games count.
  • Why do they put first initials on the backs of football jerseys? The Cincinnati Bengals, for example, have C. Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, and R. Johnson. Are the initials supposed to help us tell them apart? Isn't that what those huge numbers on their chests and backs and shoulders are for? The only thing worse is when the spell parts of the first names because they have both have the same initial. Come on, Penn State has no names at all and we can figure out who's who.
  • Is Bill Belichick the Darth Vader of the NFL?
  • I clicked over to the Cowboys / Washington game this afternoon and had flashbacks to the Houston Oilers. When did the Cowboys go with powder blue pants? Are they hoping for the same kind of cult following the Chargers have with their powder blue jerseys? Yikes!
  • I thoroughly dislike the allowable intentional grounding rule.
  • I wonder what would it take for the Falcons to get Tim Tebow?
  • The NFL and NCAA should go to high definition for ALL games by Thursday. I thought I was going blind watching the Georgia / Kentucky game on Saturday. They were just a bunch of red and blue blurry spots bounding around my screen. Fortunately, the red blurs won.

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