Friday, January 25, 2008

Education Armageddon

Fulton County is testing a program that will pay students $8 an hour for attending after-school tutoring programs. Plus, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, students will be eligible for bonuses "if" their grades improve. I guess that means they can just show up and get the money - who cares about the bonuses? What a crock! So what's the incentive to do well in normal school hours? Even worse, the school staff used whether or not the students are on "free or reduced lunch status" as one of the determining factors...

I can hear it now... "Bubba, your grades are too high! You better quit studying, we need your extra income from tutoring..."

In other education news, a father in Oklahoma is upset about the number of movies (some rated R) his son is watching in class. The good news is that these were intellectually stimulating movies like "Dodgeball" and "Napoleon Dynamite."

Perhaps these two school administrations can get together and pay students to watch movies after school... Perhaps they can cut a deal with Blockbuster so the kids can pick out their own movies... Let's see, would downloading the movie trailer online work the same as Cliff Notes?

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