Monday, June 9, 2008

Kudzu Gas = Kudzunol

Now this is what I call innovation. Take an item that no one wants and turn it into a product that everyone needs.
If you live in the South, there is a good chance you drive by kudzu everyday.

Two Tennessee inventors believe the green vine could solve the ongoing fuel crisis.

You can't fill up with it just yet, however, that could change very soon.

"This is a version of 180-proof ethanol made from the kudzu plant," explained Doug Mizell, co-founder of Agro*Gas Industries in Cleveland, Tennessee, as he points to a jar filled with clear liquid.

Mizell and company co-founder, Tom Monahan, have dubbed the kudzu-based-ethanol,

Not only do they make it, the two believe the suffocating weed that has become an annoyance might just be a saving grace at the fuel pump.

"Everybody knows that you can make ethanol from corn and soy bean," said Mizell. "What most people don't know is that you can make ethanol from anything green."
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