Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reality Hosts Really Hosting Emmys

This is news. The five hosts nominated in the new Emmy category - reality TV host - will preside over the September 21 Emmy broadcast. It seems that adding this new category is creating a stir in Hollywood circles. I don't know, perhaps adding a new category always causes some kind of a stir in those who follow this sort of thing. They've created this new category and now, realizing the hype it has generated, they Emmy folks are running with the promotional football by including all five in the show itself.

How about this? Since the five (Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Jeff Probst, and Ryan Seacrest - if you don't know what shows they are associated with, good for you!) currently host reality-game shows, why not take this concept one step further and have they COMPETE throughout the Emmys broadcast? Have them each take their turn hosting and then flash each contestants 866-number (remember, it is not an 800-number, it is an 866-number) and let the viewers vote on which one does the best job. They work in a talent segment where each host shows what else they are good at.

Or... they could incorporate aspects of each of their shows into the "reality" portion of the show. They could have each contestant dance down a runway, eating balut and carrying a numbered case with some amount of money while singing their favorite Abba song from "Mamma Mia!" This would allow them to market one of those $10,000 dial-in tie-ins where viewers can text (standard messaging rates apply) to guess which one of the contestants' cases has the $10,000. The opportunities are endless.

Of course this would allow the Emmys to market the Emmys Elimination Show the following week where they could easily fill two hours of re-run clips of last week's Emmy Show, performances by last week's winners and announcing, in the last minute this year's winner of the Best Reality Show Host Emmy.

Wouldn't that be fun? The marketing opportunities are endless. I think next year they should add Emmy category for Best Reality Show Judge. We have the likes of Simon Cowell, Bruno Toniolo, The Hof, Mary Murphy and her scream. Part of the show could be them critiquing the performances of the other judges.

What about a category for Best Reality Show Contestant? Each of the contestants could then draw out of a hat a challenge from one of the shows represented and then have to compete against each other on the Emmys. Hey, we could turn the Emmys into a whole series of shows. They could announce a winner each week with the finale coming right in the middle of sweeps! Throughout all of these competitions, each of the nominees would have to try to figure out which nominee is not really a nominee but rather... a mole bent on disrupting the other contestants efforts.

And finally, since there are so many awards shows, and each of these shows is broadcast on televisoin, it only makes sense to add a Category for Best Television Awards Show (please tell me they don't already have one).

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