Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What to Do with an Old Xbox

So I've had this old Xbox Classic sitting in a closet for a while now. I guess you could call it my ex-Xbox. It has long since been replaced by the 360. I've considered selling it on Ebay but it's still there. I stopped by Game Stop the other day and asked them what they'd give me for it and I was staggered to find out they'll pay a whopping $20 in store credit. So it's still there.

But the other day, while researching media center options for the house I came upon something called XBMC (Xbox Media Center) and I was immediately intrigued. I found an how-to article on LifeHacker that talks about how to convert it so I think I have my next system project for the house. I guess installing this software will void the Xbox warranty with Microsoft - oh, wait... I did that years ago when I popped the case open. I'll let you know how it turns out.

There's a little sample video of XBMC at youtube.com/watch?v=8amNvWnGrew