Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hosting the Blog

I dink with this page too much. It's never quite where I want it to be... what I want it to be. Tonight I was looking at other hosting options. I want something simple and straightforward but flexible. Odds are fair that this will change again in the future... perhaps the near future... we'll see.

I looked at a couple of web hosting/blog hosting sites yesterday: and and dinked around with them. Wix looks like a clever platform except that I don't get the feeling it is very flexible once you've set your design. Not much room to dink with it once you've published. I'm sure you could make some minor clean-ups but the system is intricate enough that slapping a whole new layout on it doesn't look to be doable.

Weebly looked promising and I like the look-and-feel of it. The only thing keeping me from moving there is that I can't import my past baggage into it. And I don't want to start over. And I don't want two of these pages...

So I came back to this Blogger page to look once more at the layout. The options haven't changed much in the past few years. I had a third-party template but that becomes an exercise in hackability that never seems to get where I want to go. I switched back to one of the default Blogger templates and began dinking with the layout. Blogger, in their Google-ness, forced me over to Google+ to update my profile. I bounced over there and began poking around and became a little intrigued.

For a moment I wondered if Google+ should be the platform for this "stuff." But as I poked around and tried to reconfigure the look of that page I realized it wasn't going to work. Google is so intent on building their Google+ brand that they've made the page unusable for me. There's too much of Google on the page and not enough me. A third of the page is devoted to suggestions of people for me to link up with... that I can't get rid of. At what point will that go away? ...I'm not sure it ever will. A blog like this is just a collection of thots and likes and Google+ has the potential to be that but it's not there yet. I'm not sure it will ever be.

In my mind, Google+ should become Blogger 2.0 (or whatever version is next in line). Maybe that's where they are going but I don't see it yet. The layout is more visual and more 21st century. Either that or they should move some of that Google+ design over to Blogger. But the merging of the two seems like the right way to go to me.

So, for now, I'm staying here at Blogger and it works. I have some tools in place that help make it easy. Maybe I'll just leave the dinking alone for a while and focus on writing, which there hasn't been much of lately... we'll see...