Monday, August 21, 2017

An Oversold Eclipse

One of the aspects of our "mediacracy" is that everything is now an "event" on 14 24-hour-a-day television channels and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and any other social media platform that can rub two nickels together. The challenge is a problem of over-selling every single event.
We had about 95% of the eclipse here and it was a surreal experience (my third eclipse) that was an interesting visual: dusk without the long shadows. I'm not sure what people expected but I know they expected a lot more because of the disappointment expressed by so many. Everything doesn't have to be a Michael Bay moment.
I enjoyed the serenity of uniqueness of the event even if it didn't get pitch black in the middle of the day. I drank in the unique visuals and the strangeness of the moment. I loved it.