Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Upgrading the TV Guide - Hide Programs

TV guides have come a long way. I'm old enough to remember when we only had a couple of channels and a TV Guide to help us out. Now we have hundreds of channels to sift through to find something to watch. The search capability is nice but I think the next step is a filter capability. I can already turn off channels I don't want to see in my guide. (I do think it should be easier to hide/unhide channels, but at least the capability is there.)

The next step is to be able to hide particular shows. There are certain shows that I know I am never going to watch. The same is probably true for you. My guide should allow me to hide that show, and all future showings, from my everyday listing view. Maybe someone has this already but I haven't seen it. Let's face it, when I am reviewing the guide for my viewing choices, those shows are already off the table, whether it's a movie I've already seen or a show I don't care to see, let's go ahead and hide it so I can get down to my real choices. I like to explore for new shows but wading through a bunch of stuff I don't want to see just hinders my search. Of course this option should come with the ability to temporarily unhide shows and, of course, the ability to unhide a program permanently should I choose.

And the next step would be to have different views of the guide based on different members of the household. My wife has a different list of what to hide than I do. And hiding shows from underaged children sounds like a plus, too.

The technology is already there. I can tell my guide to record a particular instance of a show or the entire series. Seems like it would be the same logic to hide programs so that, instead of putting a red dot on it to show it is scheduled to record, it just doesn't show up. Since it is user controllable, I get to decide how little or much I want displayed in my guide.

Okay, who's going to make this happen?