Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thoughts on Picking My Face

I have a Samsung Gear watch that Mrs Shark got for me. When I first received it I loaded up a couple of different chronograph faces each with a multitude of complications. I'd keep one for a day or two and then switch to another - none of them ever felt quite right. Plus they all felt, to me, like pretentious knock-offs. I really wanted a 24-hour dial face but couldn't find many and none that I liked. I've always liked 24-hour watches - there are 24 hours in a day so it seems to me the watch should reflect that.

And while we're here, Let's face it, the only reason the 12-hour periods came to be was because people could only track time by monitoring the sun and the moon. So we are locked into an archaic system because "that's how we've always done it."

Anyway, I wanted a 24-hour watch face and couldn't find one I liked. And in thinking about it, I realized that my goal, when looking at a watch, is to know the time, and the most logical face for quickly knowing the time is digital. So I started looking at digital watch faces and I was mostly disappointed. So, so many of the faces try to recreate the LCD numbers of the 1970s, again capturing a limitation of the times. Are we really all that nostalgic? And then most of them still subscribed to the 12-hour mantra. I had to search to find a 24-hour face that wasn't a reproduction of my old Casio from 1980.

I finally found a beautiful watch face like the one pictured except that it was blue and orange. I like the two different colors as it gives the design interest and style. My only issue was that it was blue and orange and I'm really not a Florida Gator kind of guy. After a little more searching I found this red, gray and white face and it has stuck.

I like that this simple act of getting a new watch allowed me an opportunity for introspection and knowing myself a little better. And I think I have combined a pleasing form and incredible function.
Now I've got some ideas for some apps...